Pengaruh Rasio Keuangan terhadap Stock Price: Perusahaan yang Terindeks di JII70

  • Jessica Novia Universitas Internasional Batam
  • Candy Candy Fakultas Bisnis dan Manajemen, Universitas Internasional Batam
Keywords: CR, DER, ROA, Stock Price


The capital market can play two very crucial roles in the country's economy, namely the role of economy and finance. For these two roles, some parties act as investors and as issuers. Seeing the existence of parties as investors, of course, there will be hope to profit, where the size of the return obtained depends on the company's stock price. However, the company's stock price continues to change every period because of influencing factors such as return on assets (ROA), debt on equity ratio (DER), current ratio (CR), and so on. In previous studies, these factors have not provided consistent answers on whether they affect stock prices. Therefore, to find out the actual results, this research was conducted. The object used is a company indexed in JII70. The selection of this object is due to the lack of research using Sharia objects. JII is a type of index in which there are 70 types of Sharia stocks with high liquidity listed on the IDX, Panel regression analysis is the analysis method applied in this study, where the study results show that ROA can significantly positively influence the stock price. In contrast, DER and CR cannot substantially affect the stock price