The Influence of Leadership and Work Discipline on The Employees' Performance at PT Tri Centrum Fortuna

  • Maha Putra Universitas Pelita Bangsa
Keywords: Employee Performance, Leadership, Work Discipline


The research aims to determine the analysis of leadership and work discipline of employees' performance.
The research used a quantitative method, conducted on 60 employees of PT Tri Centrum Fortuna, with
saturation or total sampling because the study participants were all employees; 60 people in total. The study
used primary data and secondary data. The data collection methods were observations, interviews,
questionnaires, literature studies, and documentation studies. The data analysis used multiple linear
regression to prove research hypotheses. The data was processed using SPSS 22 to meet the validity test,
reliability, and classical assumption tests. The result shows that leadership positively and significantly
influences employee performance, with t calculate 4,498 > 2,003 and the significance level of 0.000 < 0.05.
Work discipline has a positive and significant impact on employee performance, with t count 3,508 > 2,003
and the significance level of 0.001 < 0.05. Leadership, work motivation, and work discipline have positive
influence simultaneously and significantly on employee performance; it is known that f count 29,319 > 2.77
and significant level of 0.000 < 0,05.