Pengelolaan Keuangan dan Kompetensi Sumber Daya Manusia terhadap Kinerja Jasa Konsultan Kontruksi Di Kota Padang

  • Eka Rosalina Rosalina Politeknik Negeri Padang
Keywords: Pengelolaan Keuangan, Kompetensi Sumber Daya Manusia, dan Kinerja Jasa Konsultan Konstruksi.


To produce good performance, construction consulting service business actors must know how to manage
their business finances. A construction consultant service business with good performance will have high
competitiveness. To make this happen, qualified human resources are needed. This study aims to explore the
influence of financial management and human resource competence on the performance of construction
consulting services. The population in this study were all construction consultant service owners in Padang
City who were registered in INKINDO West Sumatra and PERKINDO West Sumatra. This study used 111
samples using the Slovin formula in determining the number of research samples and the sampling technique
used was simple random sampling. The data collection technique was carried out by distributing
questionnaires to all construction consultant service owners. To answer the research hypothesis using
analysis tools, namely multiple linear regression. The results showed that financial management had a
positive effect on the performance of construction consulting services, while human resource competence had
no effect on the performance of construction consulting services